What Do Men Want? 1921

According to this Lois Weber production, men don't really seem to know what they want at all -- first Frank (J. Frank Glendon) wants to be an inventor. Then he wants to marry his childhood sweetheart, Hallie (the lovely Claire Windsor). Then he wants children. Then, when his inventions bring him financial success, he becomes restless, so he takes up with another woman. Eventually he figures out that the woman's reputation is less than squeaky clean, so he wants his wife back. But he sees Yost, one of Hallie's former admirers (Hallam Cooley), walk into their house and believes she is unfaithful. Months later, he finds out through his brother Arthur (George Hackathorne) that she's been true all this time, and Hallie lets him come back to her. Read more at https://www.allmovie.com/movie/what-do-men-want-v116388#LiSD6dO7IZmUGgXo.99

How Do You Want Me? 1998

Following their marriage, Ian and Lisa move back to the village where she grew up, a village still dominated by her family. In order to try to fit in, Ian takes a job as the village photographer, a profession for which he is not really cut out.

I Want My Wife Back 2016

Murray is a nice guy. Everyone says so. So no-one is more surprised than Murray when, on her 40th birthday, his wife walks out on him. So begins Murray's quest to discover what went wrong and how to win her back.

I Want That! 2005

I Want That! is a TV series on the Fine Living network showcasing innovations for the home. The show is hosted by Kendis Gibson.

What Women Want

What Women Want is a Malaysian reality television programme co-produced by 8TV and phoSumpro!, sponsored by Gillette and Head & Shoulders and broadcast on 8TV from 14 December 2006 till 1 March 2007. Hosted by Hannah Tan, it featured 13 young bachelors from within and outside Malaysia vying for the "What Women Want" title and the frills which come with it.

I Just Want My Pants Back 2011

I Just Want My Pants Back is an American comedy-drama that premiered with a special sneak peek on August 28, 2011 on MTV, with the series airing the new episodes beginning on February 2, 2012. The series is based on David J. Rosen's 2007 novel of the same name. On May 16, 2012, MTV cancelled the series.

I Want THAT Wedding 2018

Newly engaged couples trying to agree on their wedding budget go to three different weddings: one in her desired price range, one at his price point and one in the middle. In the end, they'll have to decide on the ideal budget for their special day.

Do You Want to See a Dead Body? 2017

Follow comedian Rob Huebel as he takes a different celebrity friend on a hilarious adventure to find a dead body...and then maybe get tacos or something.

I Want a Famous Face 2004

I Want a Famous Face is a Reality television program on MTV, produced by Pink Sneakers Productions. The show features young adults who undergo plastic surgery with the goal of looking more like a famous person. Celebrities that participants have chosen to look more like include Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Ricky Martin and Victoria Beckham. The show also features short spots on how plastic surgery can go wrong from people that have experienced poor health resulting from their attempts at plastic surgery.

I Want To Be a Hilton 2005

I Want To Be a Hilton is a 2005 weekly NBC reality television series that was hosted by Kathy Hilton. The show featured people who "Wanted to be like a Hilton." The finalist of the competition receives a prize package that includes a $200,000 trust fund, a new apartment, wardrobe and the opportunity to get to know the Hiltons. They resided at a fancy New York hotel and were divided into two teams, "Park" and "Madison". In each episode, they were required to perform certain tasks, ranging from dog grooming, a fashion show and organizing a charity event, while learning etiquette and manners. As they competed, Hilton guided them through a variety of challenges that cover subjects ranging from art and culture to beauty and fashion. Hilton met with the losing team at the end of each episode and eliminated one contestant with the catchphrase, "You're not on the list." The show was originally entitled The Good Life, to tie it in to Paris Hilton's reality show The Simple Life. The show was not renewed for a second season.

I Want to Work for Diddy 2008

I Want To Work For Diddy is a VH1 reality show which features contestants competing for a job working for Sean Combs.

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