Three Wishes for Cinderella 1973

The film stars Libuse Safrankova as the title character, a young woman who is put upon by her stepmother and stepsisters. The film employs a twist, though, when a handsome prince comes knocking. Cinderella does not simply fall into the prince's arms. In this version, he must actively pursue the young woman who is a skilled sharpshooter prone to wearing hunting outfits. Cinderella also has three wishes at her disposal, gained from three magic nuts.

Hero Seorang Cinderella 2017

Hero Seorang Cinderella tells a story of a woman by the name of Nura Medina. Living with her cunning and malicious stepmother, Puan Sri Mawar, and her stepsister, Puteri, a vile and hateful yet gullible person, Medina has to endure endless verbal abuse and unjust treatment. Things took a turn in her life when she meets Tengku Ian, a charming, cheeky, and helpful young man, whose background and life is a mystery to her. Despite being someone who is careful with her emotions, Medina finds herself attracted to Tengku Ian without her fully realizing it.

Cinderella’s Flip Flops 2013

Haan (Min) is dowdy a shoes sales associate at BKK Plaza, a department store that Khunchai’s family owns. Bue (Pae) is a newly hired sales associate working in the men’s undergarment department. By chance, Khunchai rescues Haan when she passes out in the restroom. Haan wants to thank him in person but she realizes that she will never get a chance to once she learns that he’s the son of the mall owner. Maprow and Mam, Haan’s coworkers and friends decided to help by giving Haan and makeover so she can attend Khunchai’s party. Haan finally gets to meet Khunchai once again but out of embarrassment, she lies about being a socialite named Honey. But before Haan can explain and thank him, a photographer takes a photo of them together. Out of fear of her secret being exposed, she leaves the party and Khunchai in a rush. As luck would have it, Khunchai has taken a like to Haan and wishes to date her. Haan cannot believe this since it has been her dream of leading a life like Cinderella. So with Bue’s and the rest of her friends’ help, Haan is able to keep pretending to be Honey. But how long can Haan keep living her life as Honey before the truth comes out? And will her dream of becoming Cinderella become a reality? Is a pair of glass slippers something that she wants or just a pair of flipflops?

Cinderella and Four Knights 2016

Eun Ha-Won is a college student. She is a bright girl who wants to be a veterinarian, but at home she is lonely. She is isolated from her family members. Eun Ha-Won lives with father, step-mother and step-sister after her mother died in a car accident. One day, she helps a mysterious old man. The old man suggests to her to live in a mansion and pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Since than, she moves into the mansion and lives with three cousins Kang Ji-Woon, Kang Hyun-Min, Kang Seo-Woo and their bodyguard Lee Yoon-Sung.

Aik Nayee Cinderella 2012

The story is about Meesha who lives with her two step sisters and step mother. She is mistreated by her step mother and does all the house hold work. Meesha meets the rich and dashing Mayer. Meesha, thinking that he is her prince charming, who has come to rescue her and put an end to all her troubles, tries to win his heart.

THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls 2015

There are many idols with long-established talent agency 346 Production. And now the company is starting a new program, the Cinderella Project! Girls leading normal lives are chosen to be aspiring idols and see another world for the first time in this Cinderella story. Can they all climb the stairs that lead to the palace? The magic begins now...

Cinderella Nine 2019

When Arihara Tsubasa enters Rigahama Municipal High School and learns that it has no baseball club, she starts up the Girls' Baseball Club on her own. Drawn to the club are girls who have never played baseball before, girls who once played it but quit, and girls who are constantly tackling great challenges. The Rigahama Girls' Baseball Club races through the trials of youth, periodically clashing and quarreling, but supporting each other all the way! And so begins the hottest summer the world has ever known...

Cinderella Boy 2003

Cinderella Boy follows the adventures of impoverished private detective Ranma Hinamatsuri and his thrill-seeking rich girl partner Rella "Cindy" Shirayuki in a futuristic city named "Kirin Town". Kirin Town is a lawless European city-state with its own currency with the name of the city being a pun on the English word for "killing". The two are badly injured when they stumble across an organised crime operation and are put back together into the same body by a mysterious doctor. Every night the stroke of midnight, their shared body changes both form and identity. Ranma becomes Rella, or vice versa. Neither is aware of any actions or situations their partner is involved in, completely losing consciousness until twenty-four hours later, when the change comes around to them again.

The Last Cinderella 2013

Sakura is a single 39-year-old woman who works as the assistant manager at a beauty salon. She spends her days making her customers look beautiful but doesn’t pay much attention to her own appearance. All of that changes when she goes to a party and meets Hiroto, a much younger man who is a biker. Will Sakura revel in the attention of the handsome but dangerous Hiroto or notice the constant interest of her hard-talking and hard-drinking salon manager, Rintaro?

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