Doctors' Wives 1971

The wives of several high-powered doctors feel neglected due to their husbands' focus on their careers, so they embark on a regimen of sex, drugs and booze. An all-star cast drives this glossy combination of soap opera and murder mystery, heavily drenched in booze and sex. Feeling neglected, one of the title characters decides she’s going to sleep with all her husband’s friends… but when she’s suddenly killed in the act, all of the wives’ clandestine activities begin coming to light. Dyan Cannon, Gene Hackman, Richard Crenna, Carroll O’Connor, Rachel Roberts, Janice Rule, Ralph Bellamy, Scott Brady, Richard Anderson and many more round out the cast.

Young Doctors in Love 1982

An "Airplane!"-style spoof of hospital soap operas: a brilliant young trainee can't stand the sight of blood; a doctor romances the head nurse in order to get the key to the drugs cabinet; there's a mafioso on the loose disguised as a woman - in other words all the usual ingredients present and correct, though in this case the laughs are intentional.

5 Doctors 2016

A self-centered hypochondriac returns to his quaint hometown to visit his five childhood doctors in a single day, avoiding everyone from his past except his hapless former best friend whom he ropes into driving him around.

Dizzy Doctors 1937

The stooges get a job selling "Brighto", what they think is cleaning fluid. After ruining a cop's uniform and a new car, they discover Brighto is actually medicine. Taking their sales pitch to a hospital, they get into more trouble and must leave on the run when the head of hospital turns out to be the owner of the car they ruined.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot 2013

A star studded special written and directed by Peter Davison. With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who about to film, the 'Classic' Doctors are keen to be involved. But do they manage it?

The Gene Doctors 2017

Every year, a million babies are born worldwide with hereditary diseases. Physicians once had little to offer. But now a new breed of gene doctors is on the case. Devising treatments that target the root causes, they are transforming patients’ lives.

Doctors & Nurses 1981

Doctors and Nurses is a gimmick film, a down under age reversal trick in the style of Alan Parker's 'Bugsy Malone'. A bunch of kids play the game of Doctors and Nurses - of the inoffensive dress-up kind - tending a bunch of adults suffering from a variety of ailments.

Ebola: The Doctors' Story 2016

Join Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, a British emergency response doctor, inside a Doctors Without Borders Ebola treatment center in Kalilahun, Sierra Leone as the epidemic escalated dramatically in fall 2014. Attached to the doctors’ goggles, cameras designed to enter the “hot zone” of the facility reveal for the first time the realities of battling an unprecedented outbreak. Dr. Abdelmoneim, along with local and international colleagues, fights for the survival of his patients, and helps families reunite or cope with overwhelming loss.

Doctors' Wives 1931

The trials of being a doctor's wife are presented in this drama. The story centers upon the problematic marriage of one couple. Their troubles begin when the doctor makes a housecall to a seductive woman with designs upon him. His suspicious wife follows him and spies on him. She thinks they are getting romantic when he is actually trying to extricate himself from his predatory patient. She decides to get revenge with his best friend, but nothing happens.

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors 1985

The Doctor has teamed up with himself before to save lives. This time, he must save his past self in order to ensure his own existence in his present. What could Chessene and dim-witted lackey Shockeye have planned with the Sontarans? Only one thing is known for sure: time will tell.

Junkie Doctors 2013

An apparently normal little boy is actually two conjoined twins, joined so seamlessly that he appears to be just one boy.

Underground Doctors 2005

Not that long ago, crippling diseases were blamed on evil demons. What's more, nowadays, healing miracles are often considered to be natural events, misinterpreted by superstitious people. Despite the advances of modern medicine, many people still employ unorthodox means for achieving and maintaining physical and spiritual health. Some of these decidedly bizarre methods are the focus on this fascinating video hosted by Henry Fonda.

Doctors Don't Tell 1941

Dr. Ralph Snyder and Dr. Frank Blake open an office together but soon split over a rivalry for nightclub singer Diana Wayne and a difference over ethics.

Carry on Doctors and Nurses 1985

This film is a Hong Kong version of the British Carry On films, this one specifically set in a hospital. The hospital is full of inept people, so Miss Kuk (Meg Lam) vows to the board that she will reform it. This involves the recruitment of student nurses, keeping in check some silly interns and dealing with Dr. Chen, whose wife just left him.

Doctor Who: The Five Doctors 1983

All five Doctors (Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Richard Hurndall and Tom Baker) and many of their old companions are taken out of time and deposited in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. There they must battle not only the Master, but Daleks, Cybermen and Yeti in order to reach the Dark Tower and discover the Tomb of Rassilon.

The Doctors Wife 2012

A young gay doctor decides to move from the city to the country to further his career. His partner, an ex-actor takes a camera along with them and films their experience.

Doctors 2000

Set in the fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge, defined as being close to the city of Birmingham, this soap opera follows the staff and families of a doctor's surgery.

Reef Doctors 2013

Running the remote Hope Island Clinic, Sam Stewart is an accomplished doctor, who with her team, looks after the residents of all the neighbouring islands, as well as the holidaymakers and thrill seekers who visit the area. Not only a GP, Sam is a single mother with a free spirit and a determination – who has an unusual hobby: venom.

The Flying Doctors 1986

The Flying Doctors is an Australian drama series produced by Crawford Productions that revolved around the everyday lifesaving efforts of the real Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. It was initially a 1985 mini-series based in the fictional outback town of Cooper's Crossing starring Andrew McFarlane as the newly arrived Dr. Tom Callaghan. The success of the mini series led to its return the following year as an on-going series with McFarlane being joined by a new doctor, Chris Randall, played by Liz Burch. McFarlane left during the first season and actor Robert Grubb came in as new doctor Geoff Standish. The series' episodes were mostly self-contained but also featured ongoing storylines, such as Dr. Standish's romance with Sister Kate Wellings. Other major characters included pilot Sam Patterson, mechanic Emma Plimpton, local policeman Sgt. Jack Carruthers and Vic and Nancy Buckley, who ran the local pub/hotel, The Majestic. Andrew McFarlane also later returned to the series, resuming his role as Dr. Callaghan. The popular series ran for nine seasons and was successfully screened internationally.

Doctors' Hospital 1975

Doctors' Hospital is an American medical drama that ran on NBC during the 1975–1976 season.

L.A. Doctors 1998

L.A. Doctors is an American medical drama television series set in a Los Angeles practice. It ran on CBS during the 1998-99 season.

Doctors 2013

Surgeon Sagara Kosuke changed the mentalities of the doctors and nurses at Dogami General Hospital with a mixture of severity and cajoling. Before that, the hospital appeared to be a hopeless case. All the director Dogami Tamaki and administrator Momoi Shoichi thought of was its finances while the doctors did not care about patients. But Sagara is not the typical medical hero who is a stifling, hot-blooded, good person. He would stop at nothing to improve the hospital for patients and adjust his strategies according to the challenges and parties involved. Now the problem of the hospital’s next successor rapidly surfaces and intensifies the antagonism between Sagara and Moriyama Takashi.

DOCTORS: The Ultimate Surgeon 2011

Donoue General Hospital runs into a budget deficit, even though the doctors drive expensive imported cars and live an outlandish lifestyle. Office manager Momoi finds surgeon Kosuke Sagara through a medical website. Kosuke Sagara arrives at the hospital and tells the director of the general hospital to decide on his pay after watching his work. Kosuke Sagara informs the hospital that he had previously quit his job at a university hospital and taken a year sabbatical.

The Doctors 2008

The Doctors is an American syndicated talk show airing daily in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and Finland. It debuted on September 8, 2008. The hour-long daytime program is produced by Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw and is distributed domestically and globally by CBS Television Distribution. The series is a spin-off of Dr. Phil and is the first talk show to be a third generation talk show spin-off, as Dr. Phil itself spun-off of The Oprah Winfrey Show. It was announced in December 2009, during its second season, that The Doctors was cleared through the 2011-2012 season. The third season premiered September 13, 2010, in high definition. In late August 2012, The Doctors was renewed through the 2015-2016 season. The fifth season started on September 10, 2012. The series' sixth season premiered on September 9, 2013. Dr. Lisa Masterson did not return for the sixth season. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman and family medicine physician and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross joined the series.

Doctors and Nurses 2004

Doctors and Nurses is a British television sitcom written by Nigel Smith and Dr. Phil Hammond, focusing on the fraught relationship between two orthopaedic surgeons, set in a hospital on the Isle of Wight. It starred Adrian Edmondson, Mina Anwar and David Mitchell, and aired six episodes on BBC One in 2004. The series was neither a critical nor commercial success, and did not return for a second series. Edmondson did go on to play a similar doctor role in the non-comic hospital drama Holby City. Phil Hammond appeared as a neurosurgeon in episode three.

Detectives and Doctors 2014

The series follows the plot from the first novel, “The Golden Bird Dynasty” (大金鵬王), as Lu Xiao Feng (Raymond Lam) investigates the Emperor’s mysterious illness and meets with a lost princess Shang Guan Dan Feng (Lan Xi) who tells him that he has to find three officials of her old kingdom to find the answer. In his quest, Lu befriends a blind doctor Hua Man Lou (Zhang Xiao Long) and a swordsman Xi Men Chui Xue (Shaun Tam), and they then work together to unveil the mystery.

The Doctors

The Doctors is a British television series, produced by the BBC between 1969 and 1971. The series was set around a general practice in North London and leading cast members included: Justine Lord, Nigel Stock, Barry Justice, Richard Leech, Isla Blair and Lynda La Plante. Nigel Stock's character, Dr. Thomas Owens, was the lead in a later spin-off series, Owen, M.D., which aired between 1971 and 1973. Theme music to Owen, M.D. was "Sleepy Shores" by the Johnny Pearson Orchestra.

The Doctors 1963

The Doctors is an American television soap opera which aired on NBC Daytime from April 1, 1963, to December 31, 1982. There were 5280 episodes produced, with the 5000th episode airing in November 1981. The series was set in Hope Memorial Hospital in the fictional "Madison," located somewhere in New England.

Bush Doctors 2008

Bush Doctors is a seven-part Australian reality television series centred around the lives of a medical team at a rural hospital in Dubbo, New South Wales. It debuted on the Seven Network on 3 February 2008 and was narrated by All Saints star Jolene Anderson. This was her last show on channel 7 and she moved to Channel 10 to star in Rush.

Young Doctors

Young Doctors is an Australian factual television show that looks at the work of junior doctors at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. This eight-part observational documentary series began on the Nine Network on 26 October 2011.

The Young Doctors 1976

The Young Doctors is an Australian early evening soap opera. The series was set in the fictional Albert Memorial hospital and primarily concerned with romances between younger members of the hospital staff, rather than typical medical issues and procedures. It screened on the Nine Network from Monday, 8 November 1976 until Wednesday, 30 March 1983.

A Young Doctor's Notebook 2012

A young doctor who has graduated at the top of his class from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry is thrust out into an isolated and impoverished country side as the village's only doctor. As he learns to adapt to his new lifestyle, he develops a morphine addiction to stay his sanity while realizing what being a doctor in the real world means.

Doctors to Be

Doctors to Be is a biographical documentary series that was first broadcast on BBC Two by BBC Television and is also the name of a book, published by BBC Books, that accompanies the series. The television series follows 10 medical students who enrolled at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in the 1985 intake of students. It starts in 1984 with their admission interviews, then follows them through five or six years as medical students, and ends with their first experiences of working as busy junior hospital doctors in the National Health Service. The BBC decided to make the series in 1983 and the BBC contacted several medical schools. The BBC selected St Mary's Hospital Medical School, London, England, partly because the Dean, Prof Peter Richards, was enthusiastic about filming and thought that medical education was of public interest. Filming began in November 1984 when applicants were applying for university and going to interviews for the 1985 intake at St Mary's Hospital Medical School. St Mary's Medical School interviewed 419 applicants and 100 of these interviews were filmed. In the autumn of 1985, when studies had started, every student in the year was asked if they wanted to take part in the television series, and 10 students, who were thought to be outgoing and resilient to the pressures of filming, were chosen by the BBC. Each of the 10 medical students were filmed regularly and about 300 hours of film accumulated in total.

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