The Art of Self-Defense 2019

Casey is attacked at random on the street and enlists in a local dojo led by a charismatic and mysterious Sensei in an effort to learn how to defend himself. What he uncovers is a sinister world of fraternity, violence and hypermasculinity and a woman fighting for her place in it.

Judd for the Defense 1967

Judd for the Defense is an American legal drama originally broadcast on the ABC network on Friday nights from September 8, 1967 to September 19, 1969.

In Defense Of 2018

This series gives viewers a unique perspective on some of the most high profile cases as they turn the lens on the top defense lawyers who represented them. The attorneys will share riveting details from the most personal moments between attorney and client to the individual sacrifices made in order to represent these infamous cases.

The Best Defense

The Best Defense teaches self defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness for men and women alike. The show features defense methods that involve both firearms and unarmed defensive situations. The series travels the United States, visiting law enforcement academies and military training facilities where guest hosts and experts, including veteran law enforcement trainers and published personal defense authors, demonstrate life-saving techniques for self-defense in the home, at the office, on a plane or even when lost in the woods.

The Last Defense 2018

This docu-series explores and exposes flaws in the American justice system through emotional, in-depth examinations of the death row cases of Darlie Routier and Julius Jones.

Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan 2002

Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan, also known as Earth Defender! Mao-chan, is a 26-episode comedy anime, created by Ken Akamatsu, the author of Love Hina. It stars three eight-year-old girls, Mao, Misora and Sylvia, as they try to defend the earth against invading aliens. The world's defense has fallen to unlikely straits because the aliens are excessively cute, of which combat engagements are televised: if the forces battling the aliens were not cute themselves, the general public would revolt, as it would be seen as "bullying". Consequently, three military leaders chose their granddaughters to be the defenders, fittingly, becoming a team even cuter than the aliens. They each have a clover-shaped badge that enables them to transform. The series itself is rife with parodies and references, particularly to Akamatsu's earlier work Love Hina. The girls' commanding officer bears a resemblance to Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! 2015

The Earth Defense Club at Binan High School are a group of boys that do nothing, but be lazy. One day when two of the club members, Atsushi and En, are taking a bath in a bathhouse, a talking pink Wombat appears out of nowhere and requests the two boys to help save the Earth with the power of love. Unfortunately, the bathhouse owner's son, Yumoto sees the wombat and chases after it while saying "Let me fluff you up!". The next day, the two boys and the other two club members, Io and Ryu are met with the pink wombat and suddenly, bracelets appears and clasp onto each of the four members' wrists, as well as Yumoto (who just happened to be nearby) and they are transformed into the Battle Lovers.

The Mary Daegu Bout 2007

Ji Hyun Woo basically comes out as 'Kang Dae Gu' a chivalry novelist who writes stories about martial arts, but he's in fact jobless. And before he became like this, he was a law student. But while he was preparing for his bar exam, he witnessed his lawyer friend commit suicide. After that incident, he threw away his hopes and dreams and became a writer.

The Pentagon Wars

The Pentagon Wars is a 1998 HBO film, directed by Richard Benjamin, based on a book of the same name by Colonel James G. Burton, USAF. Starring Kelsey Grammer, Cary Elwes and Richard Schiff, the film is a dark comedy describing the development of the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. Tagline: They aimed to build the ultimate fighting machine. They missed.

The Family's Defensive Alliance

The Family's Defensive Alliance is an anime series, created and written by Shōji Kawamori and directed by Satoshi Kimura. The series premiered in Japan on WOWOW between January 9, 2001 and March 29, 2001, spanning a total of 13 episodes. It centers on a dysfunctional family tasked with defending the Earth from alien invaders. The series was aired by the anime television network Animax across its respective networks worldwide, including its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia under the title The Family's Defensive Alliance. It was released on DVD in North America by Geneon under the title The Daichis: Earth Defence Family, but was not broadcast across the region.

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