Pocket Snails: Letter Adventure 2004

This whimsical series for 2- to 5-year-olds stars three snails -- Gordon, Dale and Buttons -- who live in the pocket of a boy named Jake. In this volume, the Pocket Snails help Jake (and viewers) learn the alphabet. Bouncy original music and colorful animation bring letters and words to life. The program is designed for retention, employing clever repetition without becoming boring, and displaying the letters on-screen as they're introduced.

Florindo and Carlotta: The Secret Life of Snails 2018

Florindo is a disabled poet who has come to collect a prize of poetry in a village forgotten by the world; Struggling to get home, he faces continuous obstacles. Carlotta is a prostitute who works on one of the endless streets of these desolate places and lives in an old farmhouse with coworkers, extravagant characters and failed artists. Their meeting will change both their lives.

Of Snails and Men 2012

One worker in a bankrupt factory finds an unusual solution to save his co-workers from unemployment. If it doesn't work the factory will be privatized and sold to a French company planning to convert the plant into a snail cannery. Only 300 of the 3000 workers will keep their jobs.

The Snails' Senator 1995

This Romanian dramatic comedy offers metaphorical commentary on life after Ceausescu's reign as it tells the story of a rural community turned topsy-turvy in their mad quest for the snails a prominent senator has requested for his dinner. The trouble begins when a rather imposing, pompous senator comes to visit a small rural Romanian town for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new hydro-electric dam. After he finishes his speech, the senator is accosted by a Swiss film crew eager to interview him. The senator is inordinately concerned with presenting a positive image of Romania to the world at large and so when he learns that he and the journalists are to stay at the same villa, does everything he came to make sure that they see nothing scandalous.

The Snails 1966

In a distant planetoid, an industrious but hapless old farmer strives to make his vegetables flourish, however, to no avail.

Lulu's Snails 2006

Eight-year-old Lulu gathers snails in the park where she goes every day with her mother. Her obsession with the snails leads her to develop a special relationship with a strange foreigner who haunts the park–with unexpected results.

Two Snails Set Off 2017

A forest full of animated animals encourage a pair of snails, who are fully clad in black because they are in mourning for a dead leaf, to celebrate the new spring and reclaim the colors of life. Based on the children's poem by Jacques Prévert entitled "Chanson des escargots qui font à l'enterrement" ("Song of the snails who are on their way to a funeral").

She Male Snails 2012

Caught between two genders, the artist Eli Leven and Ester Martin Bergsmark touch and caress each other, while they bath together in clouds of steam. A persuasive voice-off describes the often hard and painful growing process, which led them to choose to be neither males nor females. But something else entirely. While memories of adolescences scarred by homophobia and discrimination are presented, the audience is also captivated by poetic evocations of bodies, of snowy woods, water, nature, and snails: the symbol of androgyny. This movie moves the audience profoundly. It is a hymn to sexual fluidity, which reveals the search for the true self, rendered through the use of contrasting, vivid, and often acid bright photography. Intended as a television portrait of the transgender artist Eli Leven, it is a psychedelic docu-fiction, a hybrid movie inspired by Derek Jarman's Sebastian.

Snails in the Head 1980

Following a recent divorce, Hélène Gallois (Florence Giorgetti), a well-known writer, meets Edouard Fournier (Renaud Verley) in a specialized clinic where she is being treated. A kind of friendship is formed between them which evolves very quickly towards a sexual complicity ...

Snails in the Rain 2013

Tel Aviv, Summer 1989. Boaz, a beautiful and alluring linguistics student, receives anonymous, male written love letters, that undermine his sexual identity and interfere on his peaceful life with his beloved girlfriend.

The Snail's Strategy 1993

A group of tenants living in an old house are confronted with having to move out due to a renovation project the city has undertaken. The tenants decide to unite and come up with a strategy, but in the process—while the landlord and his aggressive attorney are chasing them—the tenants transform into the opposite of who they once were.

Snailsbury Tales

Snailsbury Tales was a children's cartoon broadcast on the BBC between 2003 and 2004. It was produced by Maverick Entertainment. The cartoon was about a town whose inhabitants were all snails. Much of the humour derived from the fact that it would take 10 days to visit the shops, or that the fire service was proud of their ability to move at 0.1 mph. It was narrated and voiced by Jon Culshaw and backgrounds drawn by Matt Cooley.

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