Sexual Predator 2001

A female parole officer unwittingly gets involved with a handsome photographer who might be a serial killer.

Strictly Sexual 2008

Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

Sexual Tension: Volatile 2012

A pulsating, thrill ride that weaves six scintillating experiences of men in various forms of male bonding, Sexual Tension: Volatile will leave you wanting more! A young man feels the adrenaline rush of his sexy tattooist’s needle in ‘Ari’ while in ‘The Cousin,’ a cute boy has a taboo attraction for a family member. Two ‘straight’ buddies literally show, each other, how to make love to a woman in ‘The Other One,’ while a man with ‘Broken Arms’ receives a sensual sponge bath from a male nurse. ‘Love’ is questionable when a broken shower brings a married man and an innkeeper together and in ‘Workout’ two muscular men begin to explore each other chiseled bodies. Voyeuristic pleasures await you as the camera penetrates and caresses the men’s bodies while exploring the mysterious and electrifying nature of male intimacy.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure 2012

A hyper-repressed and schlubby accountant (Jonas Chernick) strikes a deal with a worldly but disorganized stripper (Emily Hampshire): he'll help her with her crushing debt if she helps him become a better lover. Sharp direction by the versatile Sean Garrity and a very funny script by Chernick ensure for an uproarious — and surprisingly educational — sex comedy. (TIFF)

Sexual Matrix 2000

"Sexual Matrix" is about a matrix that is sexual. A horny professor decides to ask his students all about their sexual fantasies. Of course he does. So while they're describing their wildest dreams, he plugs them into his matrix machine and it lets them live out their fantasies. It seems so real! Mia Zottoli shows up to assist the professor in his quest to know what turns the whole campus on

Macumba Sexual 1983

Princess Obongo, the Goddess of Unspeakable Lust, uses dark powers to ensnare a hapless couple of yuppies, so that she can imbue them with evil and conquer the world.

Sexual Dependency 2003

A poor girl, a rich stud, a university student and a model -- nothing in common, except the desire to experience true intimacy. Their stories unfold and overlap as each becomes victim to their own sexual dependencies, self-perceptions and illusions. Thematically structured around issues of femininity, masculinity, virginity, rape and sexuality, each teen struggles to make sense of their own identity, reaching for ideals that represent everything they feel they are supposed to be, but are not.

(A)sexual 2011

Facing a sex obsessed culture, a mountain of stereotypes and misconceptions, and a lack of social or scientific research, asexuals - people who experience no sexual attraction - struggle to claim their identity.

Sexual Roulette 1997

When a young couple loses all of their money at a casino, the husband performs certain "favours" in order to work the debt off, while his wife is unaware of this kinky arrangement.

Graphic Sexual Horror 2009

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade behind the most notorious of bondage websites, exploring the dark mind of its artistic creator and asking hard questions about personal responsibility. Interviews reveal deep fascinations with bondage and sadomasochism that run parallel, and in fact become irreversibly entwined with the lure of money.

Sexual Chemistry 1999

Robert, a chemist, experiments on himself with a new drug that has an unexpected side-effect: it turns Robert into a woman whenever he gets sexually aroused!

Sexual Response 1992

A radio call-in host helps people with their relationships, but finds her own marriage lacking. A man approaches her in a bar..

Sexual Intrigue 2000

Charlie Taylor gets a surprise release from jail after a year for a crime he denies committing. His songwriter girlfriend Randi is glad he's back and calls on an ex-boyfriend, Carl Olsen, to get Charlie a job. Carl, now a district attorney in the Malibu area, hooks Charlie up with Emma De Layle, the sultry wife of an ill but still-powerful rich man. She wants Charlie to be the middleman in a fake kidnapping of her step-daughter, Melissa, who's in on the plot because she wants cash to break free of dad and Emma is happy to have her leave. Things are bound to go wrong, and Charlie may be left holding the bag yet again. Who's pulling all the strings in this web of intrigue?

Sexual Quest 2011

A woman and her fiancée create a sexual to-do list of all the people they want to sleep with before getting married.

Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006

Sex and love. Some seek it, some need it, some spurn it and some pay for it, but we're all involved in it. Set on one afternoon on Hampstead Heath in north-west London, the film investigates the minutiae of seven couples. What makes us tick?

Sexual Temptations 2001

Beautiful new FBI recruit Carly Davis gets a chance to prove herself when she's sent to nab international jewel thief Jack Sullivan. Using both her sexual wiles and her tracking expertise, Carly lures Sullivan into her trap. But Sullivan may be on to the novice, who soon begins falling for her captivating quarry.

Sexual Outlaws 1994

Behind their conservative middle-class exterior, a young couple runs a highly successful sex fantasy magazine. Ironically, to spice up their marriage, the wife responds to a fantasy ad submitted to a magazine, but her new penpal is the prime suspect in a brutal murder.

Sexual Secrets 2002

Sexual Secrets is a documentary television series which explores various concepts of human sexuality shown on Slice in Canada.

Strictly Sexual The Series 2011

Joe and Stanny are two likable losers who are unlucky in love, but lucky with sex. Summer and Georgia are two girls who make a deal to swear off dating to focus on their careers and keep things strictly sexual. One girl starts dating another girl to avoid falling in love, while Georgia starts having sex with Stanny, knowing she could never fall for him. To everyones surprise, real feelings arise, causing the drama and heartache everyone was trying to avoid. The show addresses the entanglements of love and sex. Over the course of the series, we follow the lives of 5 people, two guys who are best friends, two women who are best friends, and their aggressive lesbian friend, as their friendships and relationships are tested by the ups and downs of life and love. It is a frank and funny dramedy, mixed with both the comedy that is our lives, and the drama that unfolds when people fall in and out of love. This is a spinoff of the hit indie film of the same name, directed by Independent Spirit Award winner Joel Viertel, and written and starring Stevie Long.

The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant

The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant is a comedy web series created by Andrew Hevia and produced by stand-up comedian Jessica Gross. Filmed in Miami, Florida, the series focuses on "sex and the people who have it" and is told through quick, comedic episodes each lasting about one minute. Each season of the show runs close to five minutes and tells one complete story arc with a rotating cast, composed mostly of stand-up comedians from the South Florida comedy scene. The series is hosted by As of this writing, two seasons have been released.

The Sex Files 1999

The Sex Files is a television program appearing on Discovery Channel Canada and shown on CTVglobemedia around midnight hours, because of content. It talks about several issues of sexuality, from genetics, reproduction, sexual orientation, puberty, etc. It does contain nudity, which is why it is shown in the midnight hours, but the nudity is done from a scientific point-of-view showing exactly what the topic is visually, good for people who want information on sexuality and the biology behind it. In Europe the show was called Sex Sense and featured a male narrator. The number of episodes and their titles were the same but the episodes themselves were slightly different as the more explicit scenes were replaced. It aired on Discovery Channel Europe. Starting with episode 41, it is broadcast in high-definition.

Sex Education 2019

Inexperienced Otis channels his sex therapist mom when he teams up with rebellious Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.

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