Population Zero 2016

In 2009 three young men were killed in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. Authorities never found the murderer. He found them! Hours after the trio were gunned down, Dwayne Nelson confessed to the crime. Despite this Nelson was allowed to go free because of an American Constitution loophole. Documentarian Julian T. Pinder travels to Yellowstone in a compelling chase for truth behind a crime that should have rocked the nation. How did a guilty man go free? In his hunt for answers Pinder risks his own life when he finds evidence that could re-open the case years later.

Population Zero 2013

After an alien life form visited planet earth our fate was sealed. Two years later one of the last survivors is desperately trying to find out if there's still anyone out there. Haunted by the past he doesn't seem to see the obvious when he finds a boy in an abandoned house.

Population 436 2006

A census-taker (Sisto) is sent to investigate why a certain small town has had the same population -- 436 residents -- for the last 100 years.

Population: 1 1986

A defense contractor who somehow becomes the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust. In his solitude, he traces the history of U.S. civilization in the 20th century through musical numbers.

Population Boom 2013

A well-known nightmarish vision of the future: The Earth's population reaches seven billion. Dwindling resources, mountains of toxic waste, hunger and climate change-the results of overpopulation? Who says that the world's overpopulated? And who's one too many? After the box-office success of "Plastic Planet," in POPULATION BOOM curious documentary filmmaker Werner Boote travels the globe and examines a stubborn view of the world that has existed for decades. But he sees a completely different question: Who or what is driving this catastrophic vision?

Z.P.G. 1972

In the not too distant future, a very smoggy and overpopulated Earth government makes it illegal to have children for a generation. One couple, unsatisfied with their substitute robot baby, breaks the rules and gets in a lot of trouble. (Z.P.G. stands for Zero Population Growth.)

Population 2 2012

Set against the backdrop of a post-Apocalypse Earth, Population 2 is about a relationship that ends in tragedy forcing a woman to struggle in the aftermath.

We Are Half of Iran's Population

Bani-Etemad's documentary short was made during the months before last year's controversial elections in Iran. Filming a diverse coalition of women's rights activists discussing their opinions on pressing contemporary issues, Bani-Etemad asked three of the four presidential candidates to view the footage for comment, with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad declining to participate.

Population Explosion 1968

A film in cut-out animation depicting the demographic problems of the world. It shows that in many countries freedom from the old scourges of famine and disease has in turn created the new problem of more mouths to feed. The film suggests that wealthier nations might increase all forms of aid to struggling nations to create a better world.

Dick Smith's Population Puzzle 2010

The film follows Dick Smith's public campaign against rapid population growth. It tests the propositions put forward in favour of a Big Australia. Can this popular entrepreneur persuade the nation to change its mind?

Sanctuary Population One

A young idealist; Ethan, is left searching for his family while fighting the infected, Med-Ex militia and bloodthirsty marauders, and the ghosts of his past.

Don't Panic: The Truth About Population 2013

Infographic documentary extravaganza with world famous Swedish statistician and showman Hans Rosling. His main message - that our world is profoundly changing in ways most of us simply don't realize - much of it for the better.

Aftermath: Population Zero

Aftermath: Population Zero is a two-hour Canadian special documentary film that premiered on Sunday, March 9, 2008 on the National Geographic Channel. The program was produced by Cream Productions. Similar to the History Channel's special Life After People, Aftermath features what scientists and others speculate the earth, animal life, and plant life might be like if humanity no longer existed, as well as the effect that humanity's disappearance would have on the artifacts of civilization. Both documentaries are inspired by Alan Weisman's The World Without Us. A follow-up 4-part TV series was created, Aftermath, following different scenarios and what happens.

Hawkins Falls, Population 6200 1950

Hawkins Falls, Population 6200 is the first successful American television soap opera. Sponsored by Unilever's blue detergent, Surf, the program began as a one hour comedy-drama on June 17, 1950, and ran in prime time on the NBC network until October 12, 1950. On April 2, 1951, the series was moved to a fifteen-minute daytime slot, where it was retitled Hawkins Falls: A Television Novel, and developed into a soap opera format. Hawkins Falls ran until July 1, 1955, making it NBC's longest running soap opera until The Doctors exceeded it in 1967. The town of Hawkins Falls was patterned after the real-life town of Woodstock, Illinois.

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