The Battle of the Sexes 1960

Angela Barrows is a man-eating business woman sent by her American employer to investigate their export opportunities in Edinburgh. En route she meets Robert MacPherson a businessman who asks for her help to bring his company into the 20th Century. The staff, led by Mr Martin has other ideas though, and a battle between the old and new business methods soon breaks out.

The Battle of the Sexes 2015

Tennis star and women’s rights activist Billie Jean King won a total of 39 Grand Slam titles, but the biggest match of her career took place in 1973 against former men’s champion Bobby Riggs, a self-proclaimed male chauvinist pig who declared that, even at the age of 55, he could beat any woman in the world.

Very Opposite Sexes 2003

Ideally, a love story should last for life… But this is often not the case. Does this indicate that men and women are meant to fall in love several times over? Why do people tire of each other? What events lead to a break-up? If they could be identified, could we then eradicate them? Four stories delve, by way of personal accounts and illustration, into relationships that went astray before they should have. Men and women of different ages and social conditions recount their stories. Four couples, four break-ups, four attempts at an explanation – combined with the ambitious aim to amuse!

The Battle of the Sexes 1928

Gum-chewing frizzy-haired golddigger Marie Skinner cooks up a scheme with her lover Babe Winsor, a jazz hound, to fleece a portly middle-aged real estate tycoon, William Judson. Marie moves into Judson's apartment building and contrives to meet and seduce him, plying him with compliments, music, swoons, décolletage, and batted eyes. When his loyal wife (and their two children) see him out catting with Marie at a night club, mom's devastated and confronts him. He moves out. Babe wants Marie to sell Judson worthless bonds. Will mom commit suicide? Will sis shoot the floozy? Will pops figure out he's being a fool?

Intersex 2017

For many, the world is divided between men and women. But what about intersex people who do not fit into either category? Since Vincent Guillot, as an adult, discovered the word that defines him —intersexual – he has never stopped looking for people like him in an urgent quest to understand himself. The German women artist Ins A Kromminga realised that she was different as a teenager. Born and raised as a girl, her body began to acquire male characteristics in puberty. Her eloquent drawings speak of the trauma that is inflicted on intersex people. With joyful determination and a great sense of humour, the characters in Régine Abadia’s documentary fight for the emancipation of a minority that is invisible and beaten and bruised by life. Their problem: medicine, which intervenes not only to treat, but also to adapt bodies to rigid female or male norms.

The Battle of the Sexes 1914

Frank Andrews is a successful businessman. He has always found pride and joy in the company of his wife, son and daughter. He suddenly finds himself enthralled by the advances of a gay young woman siren, who lives in the same apartment house as he does. So marked an influence does she have over him as time progresses that at last he quite forgets his home ties, neglects his family, and goes the way of many other men who have forgotten the meaning of paternity and blood ties. The story is advanced through many scenes enacted with the accompanying notes of New York's night life, and the denouement comes when the faithful wife discovers her husband's infidelity. At this time the mother's mind nearly loses balance, while Jane, the beautiful daughter, crazed by the grief of her mother, determines to take part in the tragedy. With revolver in hand she steals up to the apartment of the woman, but her frail nature is overcome by the temperamental anger of the woman and her mission fails.

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She 2005

Examines the diversity of human sexual and gender variance around the globe, with commentary by scientific experts and first-hand accounts of people who do not conform to a simple male/female binary.

The 11,000 Sexes 1975

A young bank officer ogles the girls in his office and goes home to his prim wife. After reading a book of erotic poems by Guillaume Appollinaire of the World War I era, he finds himself inside the adventures of the book, which are largely of an erotic nature. When he awakens the next morning, he is inspired to order his life in a more satisfactory manner.

Eva Man (Two Sexes in One) 1980

Beautiful Eva, hermaphrodite from birth, with clear signs of both sexes, under the strict guidance of his uncle, Professor, masters the secrets of sexual energy, which give the possibility of a Superman. But an angry gangster steals it, with the help of a doctor-villain to move into the body of eve and take over the world. He tries to prevent his rival, who is going to deprive the girl masculinity and thus not to let it turn into Superman…

Battle of the Sexes in Art and Culture 2019

Both a visit to a very peculiar exhibition at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany, as well as an unprejudiced look at the artistic depiction of violence throughout history and the ways in which that depiction has been gendered.

The Night Of Open Sex 1983

Moira – a beautiful and erotic cabaret dancer – is hired to impersonate another woman who turns out to be a secret agent who must receive an important message that contains the hidden whereabouts of a very important character from World War II who once absconded with a vast fortune in gold. Aided by private detective Al Crosby, with whom her relationship goes beyond the limits of pleasure, Moira attempts to locate the mysterious character.

The Screwfly Solution 2006

A strange virus renders the entire human male population into homicidal maniacs who end up wiping out all females, leaving a woman and her daughter to fend for themselves.

Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars 1989

Aliens return to earth after 10 million years to see what has become of the human experiment they have created only to be disappointed by what they find. After landing they come upon Vernon a homeless bum and decide that earthlings are untidy and figure crossing a vacuum and a human will elimate the problem as well as create a better race of beings. The experiment however goes awry after one of the aliens pee in Vernon's bottle of gin which makes him insanely in love with the vacuum Dusty which was brought to life by the aliens. Things get a tad bit crazy from here as Dusty tries to reproduce and Vernon tries hard to find Dusty.

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