Mr. Majnu 2019

A playboy finds himself in a spot of bother when he falls in love with the right girl.

Majnu 1987

Rajesh (Nagarjuna) is a racy youngster who falls in love with Alekhya (Rajani). Things go well when Rajesh and Alekhya plan to get married and it is when a root of suspicion lands in Rajesh’s mind through a friend. The suspicion is something about the character of Alekhya and when Rajesh enquires about it, the latter gets furious. She questions Rajesh asking how can he suspect her by believing a friend’s word and also comes to a conclusion that his love is not worth of accepting. The impulsive natured Rajesh also finds her questioning arrogant and the couple breaks up. But the real trouble starts for Rajesh after Alekhya leaves him and he starts feeling sorry for his impulsive nature. Alekhya marries another guy (Sudhakar) shown by her parents and Rajesh is distraught. The rest of the story is about what would happen to Rajesh and whether Alekhya forgives him or not.

Majnu 2013

Majnu is the story of an upright young woman who must choose between marrying the NRI groom of her parents' choosing, and her true love.

Laila-Majnu 1979

Kaish Amari comes from a wealthy arab family. At the tender age of six he is sent to school and gets friendly with a young girl named Laila.

Laila Majnu 2018

Laila is a free-spirited girl from a conservative family who firmly believes in living for the present. Qais, a spoilt brat, falls head over heels in love with her. Their families, however, are warring over property, which leads to self-destruction, pain and bleeding hearts.

Majnu 2016

The film is about the romantic life of an assistant director Aditya (Nani) and his relationships with 2 women (Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri) while he attempts to write a romantic comedy story.

Laila Majnu 1962

Laila Majnu is a 1962 Malayalam language romance film directed by P. Bhaskaran and starring Prem Nazir, L. Vijayalakshmi, Sathyan, Thikkurissi, T. S. Muthiah, Chandni, Adoor Bhasi and Kodungalloor Ammini Amma. It was the first Malayalam version of the classic Sufi legend filmed extensively in Hindi and other South Indian languages. The film's acclaimed music is composed by Baburaj.

Laila and Majnun 1934

Leila Majnun is a well-known Arabian Persian tragedy of love in the vein of Romeo and Juliet with elements of the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights. The plot centres on two lovers – Leila and Majnun – who are denied this love because of social conventions. Majnun is driven to despair and madness because of this loss, thus living up to his name Majnun, which means “madness” in Arabic.

Leyli and Majnun 1961

After the literary work of the same name of Nizami Ganjavi and Mahammad Fuzuli. The film is about pure love of two young people.

Orfeo & Majnun 2018

Orfeo and Qays are two poets of legend who celebrate love and unity through music. Their songs resonate from East to West and back. An ancient Greek myth intertwines with an oriental love story; Orfeo & Majnun is an intercultural and interdisciplinary project. It includes a parade in the streets of Aix-en-Provence with animal puppets and a performance streamed live on OperaVision from Aix’s famous Cours Mirabeau.

Crazy of You 1997

Set in the industrial suburbs of Beirut, Majnounak explores male sexuality through interviews with men who recount one of their sexual relationships. Attentive to details of body and sexual language, songs, indications of each interlocutor’s erotic imaginary, the film tries to sketch a portrait of the ”male” they identify with. Patterns emerge, as do norms, but also an unsuspected map of Beirut’s sites of sexual encounters.

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