The Kingdom of Heaven 1991

Jesus uses a series of short stories, parables, to help us learn about the Kingdom of Heaven and about how to live each day. Eternal life, faith, judgment, obedience and preparedness are the principles explored in this video. The Kingdom of Heaven begins with Jesus in the clouds and angels in the background. There are people from different times and different races looking into the clouds and seeing Jesus. Jesus begins to speak to the people about the Kingdom of Heaven and how the treatment of others is the same as actions toward Him. Slowly, Jesus' shining garment is traded for an earthly robe and He is preaching to a gathering of people. Two Pharisees watch and listen. Boaz, one of the Pharisees, is angered by what he hears Jesus saying and the other Jeremiah is intrigued. David and Sarah, brother and sister, listen also. Boaz says that all Jesus does is tell silly stories. Jeremiah tries to explain that perhaps Jesus wants everyone to discover the meaning from the stories...

Jocob's Kingdom of Heaven 2016

Jacob, a successful businessman, is settled in Dubai with his family. He is forced to flee to another country when he ends up with a huge debt as his friend betrays him.

The Divine One 1976

Mr. Mavadat in a party in his garden gets poisonous and his friends have to take him to doctor Hatam. But the doctor hides many dark secrets in his basement which are revealed little by little.

7th Heaven 1996

Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

Highway to Heaven 1984

"Highway to Heaven" follows a probationary angel sent back to Earth who teams with an ex-cop to help people. This was the final TV series starring the legendary Michael Landon (Bonanza).

Heaven? ~My Restaurant, My Life~ 2019

Kanako is about to open a French restaurant, for the sole purpose of making herself happy with good food and wine. She recruits Iga, a waiter who is undervalued at his current restaurant. After Kanako declares, “I’m convinced that you will become a great waiter,” he decides to work for her. However, he quickly finds out that not only is the restaurant poorly located – it’s in the middle of the cemetery, far away from downtown and residential areas – but none of the other staff, such as former hairdresser Kawai, have ever worked at a French restaurant.

Gakuen Heaven 2006

Gakuen Heaven is a media franchise originating from the PC game Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble, originally released by the company SPRAY. The franchise gradually expanded to include more games, drama CDs, manga, and anime.

The Heaven and Earth Show 1998

The Heaven and Earth Show was a BBC television programme that aired on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11am on BBC One. The show ran for nine years between 1998 and 2007, looking at spiritual and moral issues. Over the years it had numerous presenters, and its final presenter was Gloria Hunniford.

Blue Heaven 1992

Frank Sandford has big hopes for his pop duo, Blue Heaven, but his home life is less than satisfactory. His father, Jim, is a local hard man whose favourite son is in prison, while his mother can only be described as the perfect match. Despite the lack of parental support he is determined that he should succeed as a pop star and that his favourite football team, West Bromwich Albion, will win the cup!

Made in Heaven 2019

The story of two wedding planners in Delhi, where tradition jostles with modern aspirations against the backdrop of big fat Indian weddings revealing many secrets and lies.

TV Heaven

TV Heaven is a series of 13 theme nights shown on Channel 4 in early 1992, celebrating the best of archive British television. Twelve of the evenings each focused on programmes from a particular year from the 60s or 70s, with one evening focussing on programmes from the 50s.

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven is a Scottish television documentary series filmed by BBC Scotland which followed aspiring young footballers at Rangers Football Club as they tried to forge a career in football. The series was originally broadcast in the winter of 2003.

California Heaven

California Heaven is the first scripted TV series produced for online audiences, making its debut on Monday, August 1, 2005. It subsequently moved to Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Pacific Time, launching a new episode each week. The series was originally put into production while discussions with AOL acquiring the series were in process. Internal issues within AOL prevented the company from acquiring the show, but St. John-Fisher, the production company behind the series, continued shooting episodes on their own with a skeleton crew and not much budget. Production continued with most footage never aired. California Heaven was created by Todd Fisher and Stewart St. John, a writer of such television shows as Disney Channel's Seventeen Again, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Sabrina, the Animated Series. St. John and Fisher were also the Executive Producers of the internet series The Spot, which their broadband production company relaunched in 2003 with a brand new cast and the first mobile soap for SPRINT. In 2011, St. John-Fisher announced a new and completed version of California Heaven would launch as part of their entertainment network web site The SFN - The Online Network, beginning summer 2011. In June, 2012 the second season of the all-new California Heaven series premiered on The SFN.

Pennies from Heaven 1978

Pennies From Heaven is a 1978 BBC television drama serial written by Dennis Potter. The title is taken from a song of the same name written by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston. It was one of several Potter serials to mix the reality of the drama with a dark fantasy content, and the earliest of his works where the characters burst into miming to popular 1930s songs.

All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series 1996

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series is an animated television series which aired from 1996 to 1998 in syndication and on the Fox Family Channel from 1998 to 1999, with 41 half-hour episodes produced in total. It aired on Cartoon Network in 1999 to 2000. It was produced by MGM Animation and was distributed by Claster Television. Don Bluth’s 1989 animated feature All Dogs Go to Heaven featured a roguish German Shepherd named Charlie who died, went to heaven, conned his way back to Earth for vengeance on his killer Carface and then found redemption through a little orphaned girl named Ann-Marie. The film was popular with audiences, spawning a sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and this animated series. The theme song for the series is "A Little Heaven", written by Lorraine Feather and Mark Watters. The singers were Gene Miller of Nashville, Clydene Jackson-Edwards and Carmen Twillie. Most of the voice actors from the feature films reprised their roles in the series, including Dom DeLuise, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Bebe Neuwirth, Sheena Easton and Adam Wylie. Steven Weber provided the voice of Charlie B. Barkin, who was voiced in the films by Burt Reynolds and Charlie Sheen.

World Cup Heaven and Hell

World Cup Heaven and Hell was a 2006 documentary that appeared on ITV as part of their build up to that year's World Cup. It examines various aspects of the tournament's history, most often focusing on the balance between the good and bad elements. The documentary was divided into five parts as follows. 1 40 Years of Blame Examines all of the excuses for England's failure to add to their solitary World Cup win on home soil in 1966. 2 Red Hot Matches Examines the World Cup matches that had both the best and worst of football. 3 Divine and Damned Examines talented, yet controversial figures in World Cup history Team sheet: ⁕Goalkeeper: René Higuita ⁕Defence: Paul Breitner, Franz Beckenbauer, Claudio Gentile, Daniel Passarella, ⁕Midfield: Garrincha, Johan Cruyff, Sócrates, Stefan Effenberg ⁕Forwards: Roberto Baggio, Romario 4 Dirty Rotten Scandals Goes through the World Cup's most controversial moments. 5 Goals That Shook The World Examines goals in the World Cup that not only had dramatic effects on the competition but changed the players entire lives.

Love in Heaven 2005

Ji Young Sun, when she was very young, gave away her daughter Lee Ja Kyung after giving birth. She later remarries and creates a new family, but soon after, her husband dies leaving her behind with her stepson Gu Wang Mo and daughter Gu Seul Ah. Lee Ja Kyung now grown, after being orphaned once again as a child by the passing of her foster parents, lives a life of loneliness and lack of love. Her birth mother Young Sun comes to find her, but in order to keep her daughter Ja Kyung by her side, tries to match her up with her stepson.

Heaven Help Us 1994

Heaven Help Us is an American fantasy-comedy-drama television series that aired from August 25 until December 3, 1994.

Heaven for Betsy 1952

Heaven for Betsy is an American sitcom that aired live on CBS twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday for fifteen minutes from September 30, 1952 to December 23, 1952. The series stars real-life husband and wife Jack Lemmon and Cynthia Stone. Based on the sketch The Couple Next Door that Lemmon and Stone performed regularly on the variety show The Frances Langford/Don Ameche Show.

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