Thupparivaalan 2017

Detective Kaniyan Poonkundran is hungry for a challenging case to investigate and the mystery of a murdered dog leads to a rival who could be the match for him.

True Detective 2014

An American anthology police detective series utilizing multiple timelines in which investigations seem to unearth personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within or outside the law.

Comrade Detective 2017

In the 1980s, millions of Romanians tuned in to Comrade Detective, a gritty, sexy, communist buddy cop show that has now been digitally remastered and dubbed into English for the first time.

The Last Detective 2003

The Last Detective is an ITV drama starring Peter Davison as Dangerous Davies. The first series aired in 2003 with three more seasons succeeding this. The first consisted of a pilot and three episodes, the second and the third series both consisted of four normal episodes and the fourth series increased the run to five episodes and the duration of each individual episode to 90 minutes as opposed to the previous 70-minute format. As of 2007 this series had 17 episodes in total.

The Singing Detective 1986

Tormented and bedridden by a debilitating disease, a mystery writer relives his detective stories through his imagination and hallucinations.

Black Cat Detective

Black Cat Detective is a Chinese animation television series produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. It is sometimes known as Mr. Black.

Real Detective 2016

With narrative driven exclusively by the detectives themselves, each episode ventures deep into the mind of a homicide detective as they describe in vivid detail the one case forever ingrained in their memory.

Droopy, Master Detective 1993

Droopy, Master Detective is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera in association with Turner Entertainment. The show is a spin-off from Tom & Jerry Kids and was dropped from Fox's Saturday morning schedule on January 1, 1994. Months later, the series was aired on weekday afternoons in August and September 1994.

The Chinese Detective 1981

Chinese British Detective Sergeant John Ho solves cases in the East End of London. Ho fits the pattern of the maverick detective, prepared to use unorthodox methods to solve his cases, which emerged in series like Z Cars and The Sweeney.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective: The Series 1995

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is an animated television series based on the film of the same name. The series was produced by Morgan Creek Productions and Nelvana for Warner Bros. Studios. It aired for two seasons from 1995 to 1997 on CBS. A third season and reruns of previous episodes aired on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2000.

Bouma Detective 2017

Simple homemaker Rohini decides to take on the role of a detective, after her superstar husband Ranojay is accused of murdering of his co-actor.

Detective Didi 2017

Detective Didi serial is based on character name Bunty Sharma, who is also known as Detective Didi. Bunty is a feisty woman, who uses her attention to detail to solve puzzling crimes along with Bhim, who is an honest policeman. Both of them take on serial killers, crime lords, gangsters and all, both employing desperate measures in desperate situations. Detective Didi is a popular Indian television serial Detective and Drama serial, which premiered on December 9, 2017 on Zee TV and produced by Trilogy Krikos Production. The serial is starring Manish Goplani and Sonia Balani in lead roles. Detective Didi is directed by Vikram Ghai and Mohit Jha, and the written by Ila Bedi Dutta, Sanjay Kumar, Malavika Asthana, and Styam K. Tripathi.

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