Black Hawk Down 2001

When U.S. Rangers and an elite Delta Force team attempt to kidnap two underlings of a Somali warlord, their Black Hawk helicopters are shot down, and the Americans suffer heavy casualties, facing intense fighting from the militia on the ground.

The True Story of Black Hawk Down 2003

On October 3rd, 1993, 120 Delta Force Commandos and Army Rangers were dropped into the heart of Mogadishu, Somalia. Their mission was a fast daylight raid to kidnap lead terrorist Mohammed Farrah Aidid, who had been killing U.N. workers delivering food to starving Somalis. Aidid’s goal was to control the country by controlling all the food. The mission abruptly changed to a rescue operation. Surrounded by Somali militia, a fierce firefight ensued that left American troops trapped and fighting for their lives. The ordeal left 18 American men dead, 70 wounded, with 3,000 Somalis casualties. This brilliant documentary tells the true story of "Black Hawk Down" through the memories and voices of the American Special Forces survivors. Also included are Somali militiamen as they recount their harrowing experiences of battle.

Somalia - Good Intentions, Deadly Results 1998

"Black Hawk Down: The Official Documentary" (formerly titled "Somalia: Good Intentions, Deadly Results) is the uncut version of the CNN program co-scripted by Mark Bowden, author of the companion book. This Emmy Award-winning program takes you behind the lines of battle and includes chilling US military radio transmissions, Pentagon video clips and interviews with soldiers and commanders on both sides of the conflict.

Eastbound & Down 2009

Years after he turned his back on his hometown, a burned-out major league ballplayer returns to teach phys ed at his old middle school.

Party Down 2009

Party Down is an American comedy television series that follows a Los Angeles, California, catering team for the titular company. The sextet of aspiring Hollywood actors and writers, as well as drifting lost souls, work small-time catering gigs while hoping for their break or some positive change in their lives.

Watership Down 2018

Fleeing their doomed warren, a group of rabbits struggle to find and defend a new home.

The Get Down 2016

In 1977 New York City, the talented and soulful youth of the South Bronx chase dreams and breakneck beats to transform music history.

Watership Down 1999

Watership Down is an animated television series, loosely adapted from the novel of the same name by Richard Adams. It was a co-production of Alltime Entertainment of the United Kingdom and Decode Entertainment of Canada, and produced by Martin Rosen, the director of the 1978 feature film adaptation. Watership Down aired for 39 episodes and three series from 1999 to 2001, on both YTV in Canada and CITV in the UK, though the latter did not broadcast the third series. It starred several well-known British actors, including Stephen Fry, Rik Mayall, Phil Jupitus, Jane Horrocks, Dawn French, John Hurt, and Richard Briers, among others. Stephen Gately sang a new arrangement of Art Garfunkel's "Bright Eyes", which had been included in the 1978 feature film, while Mike Batt and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra contributed a completely new score. In 2003, composer Eric Robertson as well as David Greene and Mike Batt were nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series for their work on the show. Some episodes from the adaptation were released on VHS and later, DVD. In October 2005, a Region 2 DVD box set of all three series was released in the UK.

Man Down 2013

Dan is a childish idiot trapped in an adult’s life, whose world is at near collapse. His girlfriend Naomi is fast running out of patience with his inability to navigate the simplest of life tasks. He has two uniquely dysfunctional friends and a listless teaching career that sees him begrudgingly teach a version of the same lesson every day, inexplicably popular with all but one of the pupils, with his only highlight coming in the form of Miss Lipsey, a head mistress who views Dan with a mixture of pity and despair. To make matters worse, he is tormented daily by his willfully insane father, whose driving motivation in life seems to be to ensure his son is humiliated at every turn.

Down Home 1990

Down Home is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from April 12, 1990 to August 10, 1991. Emmy Award winning actor Ted Danson served as series co-producer.

Long Way Down 2007

Three years after circumnavigating the globe together, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman undertake another overland motorcycle adventure, this time from John O'Groats to South Africa.

Down to Earth 2000

Down to Earth was a BBC One television series first broadcast in 2000 about a couple who start a new life on a Devon farm. The early episodes of the series were based on a series of books written by Faith Addis about their real-life move from London to Devon. The music in the series was composed by Sheridan Tongue, and had the song "After All this Time" as its opening and closing credits in series 2 and 3.

Down the Shore 1992

Down the Shore is an American situation comedy that ran on Fox from June 21, 1992 to May 27, 1993.

Flight 29 Down 2005

Flight 29 Down is a television series about a group of teenagers who are stranded on an island. It was produced by Discovery Kids. The show was created by Stan Rogow and D. J. MacHale. The executive producers are Rogow, MacHale, Shauna Shapiro Jackson, and Gina & Rann Watumull. The first two seasons aired on Discovery Kids. The "third season" of the series, which started filming February 5, 2007, was produced as a four-part film, instead of the episodic format of the first two seasons. A promo debuted for Flight 29 Down: The Movie during the second season finale. The show was filmed in O'ahu, Hawaii.

Sit Down Shut Up 2009

Sit Down, Shut Up is an American animated television series created by Mitchell Hurwitz for the Fox network. The series focuses on a group of high school teachers in a small town in Florida "who don't care about teaching".

Wanted Down Under 2007

Wanted Down Under is a BBC One morning television series, which has been running since 2007. The programme shows families considering emigrating to either Australia or New Zealand.

Down You Go 1951

Down You Go is an American television game show originally broadcast on the DuMont Television Network. The Emmy Award-nominated series ran from 1951–1956 as a prime time series hosted by Dr. Bergen Evans. The program aired in eleven different timeslots during its five-year run. Down You Go is one of only six series — along with The Arthur Murray Party; Pantomime Quiz; Tom Corbett, Space Cadet; The Ernie Kovacs Show; and The Original Amateur Hour — shown on all four major television networks of the Golden Age of Television: ABC, NBC, CBS, and DuMont.

Three Up, Two Down 1985

Comedy series about Nick and Angie, a young married couple, Angie's snobbish mother Daphne, and Nick's cockney father Sam. Much of the humour arises from the fact that the mismatched Daphne and Sam are forced by circumstances to share the flat below that occupied by their children.

Down to Earth 1984

Down to Earth is an American fantasy situation comedy series that ran on Superstation TBS from 1984 to 1987. The series was originally produced by The Arthur Company, and later, by Procter & Gamble Productions and was the Superstation's first original series.

Eyes Down 2003

Eyes Down is a comedy starring Paul O'Grady as Ray Temple, the manager of a bingo hall in Liverpool, England called The Rio, although the series was filmed in Rayners Lane in London. Although it had moderate ratings, the programme only lasted for two series until it was cancelled by the BBC in 2004. The show was written by Angela Clarke and directed by Christine Gernon.

Taken Down 2018

Taken Down is a crime drama series set in Dublin. The first series investigates the violent death of a young Nigerian migrant found abandoned close to a Direct Provision Centre, where refugees await the hope of asylum. The investigation brings us into a twilight world of the new Ireland where slum landlords and criminals prey on the vulnerable.

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