Buffalo '66 1998

Billy is released after five years in prison. In the next moment, he kidnaps teenage student Layla and visits his parents with her, pretending she is his girlfriend and they will soon marry.

Oh How It Hurts 66 1966

A fantasy story based on Kornei Chukovsky classics about a brave doctor Aybolit and his adventures on the land and on the sea.

66 Scenes from America 1982

As a visual narrative it is reminiscent of a pile of postcards from a journey, which indeed is what the film is. It consists of a series of lengthy shots of a tableau nature, each appearing to be a more or less random cross section of American reality, but which in total invoke a highly emblematic picture of the USA.

Roadhouse 66 1984

Beckman driving a '55 Thunderbird on Route 66 hooks up with Johnny after hoodlum Hoot and his gang shoot his car. Continuous conflicts between Hoot and Beckman make Beckman and Johnny determant to teach him a lesson.

Black Magic M-66 1987

A freelance reporter stumbles on a desperate military operation. An army chopper has crashed and its cargo has been activated. Now there are two killer androids running loose in the wilderness and have the daughter of their inventor as their target. Can the army stop them or can the reporter reach the little girl before the droids do?

Missing 66 2012

It’s been a year since the “school” where captured schoolgirls were trained as sex slaves was destroyed. But a survivor, Arikawa, has planned to rebuild the school by using Chiaki, the former Number 66, who’s a daughter of the principal. His first objective is to kidnap a good female teacher to brainwash her into becoming the school’s star trainer. When Arikawa kidnaps his targeted high school teacher, Mitsuko Sawamura, Chiaki thoroughly humiliates her into a corner in confinement. When Mitsuko finally loses herself, her brainwashing is successfully completed – or so it’s seems

66 Seasons 2003

A documentary film about the Kosice swimming pool where history came to bathe. Seen through several stories which unfolded between the years 1936 and 2002, the film captures 66 seasons at the popular swimming pool, and the same number of years in the history of Central and Eastern Europe.

Mansfield 66/67 2017

About the last two years of movie goddess Jayne Mansfield’s life and the speculation swirling around her untimely death being caused by a curse after her alleged romantic dalliance with Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan.

66 1966

"Abstract, quasi-geometric study in interrupted continuity." – RB.

Chapter 66 1994

A wild short made as part of a filmmaking workshop that Raúl Ruiz ran in Bogotá in October 1993.

#66 2016

66 tells the story of an assassin-for-hire, who is hired to kill a police informant, but instead steals the money and runs, igniting the spark that leads a criminal organization to go to war with itself.

Sahalax '66 2019

Children keep dying in a small village in Finland

Maranhão 66 1966

A report on Sarney's inauguration as the governor of the Maranhão state. His promises are heard alongside images of the grim reality.

Bobby Sands: 66 Days 2016

By the early 1980s, after two decades of violence and unrest, the situation in Northern Ireland took a sudden and profound turn inside the infamous Maze Prison. Seeking the right to be treated as political prisoners rather than common criminals, Irish Republicans led by Bobby Sands began a prison hunger strike that would draw international attention to the conflict. In the 66 days that he refused food, Sands would be elected to the British Parliament, put the Irish Republican struggle centre stage on the world news agenda, and pay the ultimate price for his political convictions. The film combines a powerful mosaic of archival materials, reconstructions and the illuminating accounts of former prisoners, commentators and key players in the drama. With Sands's evocative prison diary at its core, the film brings fresh insight to an iconic figure who single-handedly created a transformative moment in Ireland's history that had global aftershocks.

66 Months 2011

Over a period of six years, director James Bluemel and producer Gordon Wilson followed epileptic alcoholic Nigel (37) from Oxford, England, who managed to slip through the net of the welfare system for 66 months. Self-mutilation, alcohol, and childlike delusions mean Nigel is a vulnerable man. In the words of his social worker, "Nigel has been abused financially, sexually, and emotionally for years." She's referring to the days when, while out "in the wild," a man named Robbie took Nigel under his wings. He was like a father to Nigel, while at the same time absolutely unfit for the role of caregiver, especially because he couldn't keep his hands to himself.

No. 66 Madhura Bus 2012

No. 66 Madhura Bus is a 2012 Malayalam road movie. The film is directed by M. A. Nishad and stars Pasupathy, Padmapriya, Shwetha Menon, Mallika, Makarand Deshpande, Thilakan and Jagathy Sreekumar in pivotal roles.[1] The screenplay is by noted author K. V. Anil. A journey of love and revenge, the film's story unfolds amidst the travel of an interstate bus.The film is directed by M A Nishad, who has earlier directed 'Pakal', 'Nagaram', 'Aayudham', 'Vairam' and quite recently 'Best of Luck'. 'No.66 Madhura Bus' is scripted by K V Anil, and has a stellar star cast that has such names as Pasupathy, Makarand Deshpande, Swetha Menon, Padmapriya Mallika and Rekha in it. And what's more; there is Thilakan, Jagathy, Jagadeesh, Ashokan, Kalpana, Seema G Nair Mahima and Kalinga Sasi, who would offer support to the leading cast. M Jayachandran would compose the musical score of the film and the lyrics will be penned by Vayalar Sharathchandra Verma & Rajiv Alunkal.

66 kinos 2017

Philipp Hartmann made a film, toured the German cinema scene with it and made that into a film too: an overview of an eclectic mix of cinemas all run by cinephiles. Shared love entails shared suffering: every Kino is under threat.

Evolve 66 2016

WWN & EVOLVE Wrestling presents: EVOLVE 66 Main Event #1 - EVOLVE Championship Match - No Holds Barred Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Matt Riddle Main Event #2 Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Sabre Jr. WWE Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight Match Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese WWE Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight Match TJ Perkins vs. Cedric Alexander Special Challenge Match EVOLVE Tag Team Champion DUSTIN vs. Ethan Page Special Tag Team Attraction Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs. Jigsaw & Peter Kaasa

Route 66 1960

Route 66 is an American TV series in which two young men traveled across America in a Chevrolet Corvette sports car. The show ran weekly on Fridays on CBS from October 7, 1960 to March 20, 1964. It starred Martin Milner as Tod Stiles and, for the first two and a half seasons, George Maharis as Buz Murdock. Maharis was ill for much of the third season, during which time Tod was shown traveling on his own. Tod met Lincoln Case, played by Glenn Corbett, late in the third season, and traveled with him until the end of the fourth and final season. The series currently airs on Me-TV, My Family TV and RTV. Among the series more notable aspects were the featured Corvette convertible, and the program's instrumental theme song, which became a major pop hit.

Route 66 1993

Route 66 is a short-lived sequel to the 1960 television series of the same name. It aired on NBC in 1993 and was cancelled after only four episodes.

Summer Sounds '66

Summer Sounds '66 is a Canadian music television series which aired on CBC Television in 1966.

Billy Connolly's Route 66 2011

Billy Connolly's Route 66 is a British documentary television series presented by Billy Connolly. It focused on his travels along the famous United States highway Route 66. The series, which consisted of four episodes, was shown on the British television network ITV. The first episode aired at 9pm on 15 September 2011.

Hairy Bikers: Route 66 2019

The Hairy Bikers traverse the infamous Route 66, serving up plenty of delicious food along the way.

666 Park Avenue 2012

What would you do to have everything you desire? Step inside 666 Park Avenue, New York's most seductive address. We all have some burning needs, desires and ambitions. For the residents of The Drake, the premier apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East Side, these will all be met – for a price – courtesy of the building's mysterious owner, Gavin Doran. But be careful what you wish for, because the price you have to pay is your soul.

Pandora's Clock 1996

A man infected with a deadly virus boards Quantum Airlines flight 66 in Frankfurt, Germany. The US government must stop the plane before it lands at JFK International Airport.

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