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The Yellow Teddy Bears

What They Learned Isn't On Any Report Card!
The Yellow Teddy Bears
The Yellow Teddybears is misleadingly packaged as a saucy 60s sexploitation movie, which is nowhere near the truth. It's actually a serious message movie about teenage pre-marital sex. A clique of teenage girls in an English school wear a small yellow teddybear on their uniform to signify that they have lost their virginity. Linda, the girl's leader, fears she may be pregnant from her window cleaner boyfriend, an aspiring pop singer. Desperate, and unable to confide in her parents, she must wrestle with her conscience and decide what course of action to take. Meanwhile, a concerned teacher learns the significance of the yellow teddybears, and in trying to help the girls in question, puts her own career in jeopardy. While dated and corny in many ways 'The Yellow Teddybears' is interesting as a snapshot of pre-"Swinging Sixties" England before The Beatles and The Pill changed young people's lives forever..


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